Carrot Recipes

Carrots are a widely popular root vegetable, typically bright orange in color, that appears in cuisines worldwide. Native to Europe and southwestern Asia, carrots may be purple, red, white or yellow in color. The most commonly eaten part of the carrot is the taproot, although the greens may be edible as well. Carrots appear widely in cuisines worldwide, and are known for their high carotene levels that are highly beneficial. The vegetable may be eaten raw or cooked, and appears in salads, stews, soups or even dishes like soufflés and desserts. Carrots are sweet in nature, and raw carrots and carrot juice are popular as health food as well.

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Facts about the Carrot:

  • The largest carrot ever grown weighed a whopping 18.99 pounds!
  • According to a poll conducted in 2005, carrots are Great Britain's third favourite vegetable.
  • The Western carrot emerged in the Netherlands in the fifteenth century, its orange colour making it popular as an emblem of the House of Orange and Dutch independence.
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